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Public submissions to the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry have been made available on this website wherever possible.

Information has not been released where it was outside the Commission's Terms of Reference, confidential, subject to the copyright of another party, obscene, potentially defamatory or in breach of anti-discrimination legislation. Documents accompanying submissions were not necessarily published if they were already available to the public on other sites. Addresses and other contact details were also generally removed, as well as names of people who were not party to the particular submission.

You are viewing 251 to 300 submissions out of 753 submissions ordered by the most recently published/updated first.

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Waste Contractors & Recyclers Assn of Qld Inc Waste_Contractors_and_Recyclers_Association_of_Qld_Inc.PDF 2.0 MB 
Concerned Residents of Queensland Concerned_Residents_of_Queensland.PDF 485.8 KB 
Cocks, Kevin AM, Anti-Discrimination Commissioner Cocks_Kevin_AM_Anti-Discrimination_Commissioner.PDF 462.9 KB 
Australian National Retailers Assn; Osmond, Margy Australian_National_Retailers_Assn_Osmond_Margy.PDF 401.1 KB 
Australian Library & Information Assn; Qld Public Libraries Assn Australian_Library_and_Information_Assn_and_Qld_Public_Libraries_Assn.PDF 139.4 KB 
Growcom Growcom.PDF 124.6 KB 
Dunworth, David Anthony Dunworth_David_Anthony.pdf 6.2 MB 
Alderton, Ken Alderton_Ken.PDF 530.3 KB 
Max Winders & Associates; MWA Environmental Max_Winders_and_Associates_MWA_Environmental.pdf 3.6 MB 
Robson, Stephen; Templeman, David; Flanagan, Brian; Holmes, Ross Robson_Stephen_Templeman_David_Flanagan_Brian_Holmes_Ross.pdf 59.1 KB 
Murdoch, Hamish; Maroochy South Rural Fire Brigades Group Murdock_Hamish_Maroochy_South_Rural_Fire_Brigades_Group.pdf 80.3 KB 
Polman, Ian Polman_Ian.PDF 57.6 KB 
Brennan, Maureen Brennan_Maureen.PDF 114.1 KB 
Harth, Lloyd Harth_Lloyd.pdf 184.9 KB 
Hocking, David Spatial Industries Business Association Ltd Hocking_David_Spatial_Industries_Business_Association_Ltd.pdf 242.0 KB 
McMullen, Sheryl & David McMullen_Shery_and_David.PDF 119.1 KB 
Moule, Barry Moule_Barry.pdf 124.9 KB 
Watson, Jeff Watson_Jeff.PDF 113.6 KB 
Spencer, Beryl Spencer_Beryl_1.PDF 367.2 KB
Spencer_Beryl_2.PDF 509.9 KB 
Holder, John & Margaret Holder_John_and_Margaret.PDF 62.8 KB 
Field Secure; Armstrong, Mark Field_Secure_Armstrong_Mark.PDF 432.1 KB 
Queensland Conservaton Council; Hutcheon, Toby Queensland_Conservaton_Council_Hutcheon_Toby.pdf 139.7 KB 
Queensland Resources Council Queensland-Resources-Council.pdf 535.1 KB
Queensland_Resources_Council_Appendix_C.pdf 366.8 KB
Queensland_Resources_Council_Appendix_F.pdf 43.2 KB 
Nagulapalli, N P R Nagulapalli_N_P_R.PDF 14.2 KB 
CSIRO CSIRO.pdf 157.5 KB 
Ford, Garry Ford_Garry.pdf 647.2 KB 
Tuffield, Derek; South West Region Compact Committee Tuffield_Derek_South_West_Region_Compact_Committee.PDF 21.9 KB 
Star Broadcasting Network Pty Ltd Star_Broadcasting_Network_Pty_Ltd.pdf 387.5 KB 
Stevenson, Laraine Stevenson_Laraine.pdf 51.0 KB 
Plowright, Kerry Plowright_Kerry.pdf 191.1 KB 
WWF Australia; Hoobin, Sean WWF_Australia_Hoobin_Sean_2.pdf 39.8 KB 
Optus, part 2 Optus_Submission_2.PDF 626.4 KB 
Optus, part 1 Optus_Submission_1.PDF 521.7 KB 
Heymans, Paul; Somerset Region Business Alliance Heymans_Paul_Somerset_Region_Business_Alliance.pdf 610.4 KB 
Queensland Bulk Water Transport Authority Queensland_Bulk_Water_Transport_Authority.pdf 279.5 KB 
Mees, Helen; Stannard, Mark and Chambers, Julian Mees_Helen_Stannard_Mark_and_Chambers_Julian.pdf 155.1 KB 
Hughes, Bruce Hughes_Bruce.pdf 2.7 MB 
Golding, Barry Golding_Barry.pdf 1.6 MB 
Brannock and Associates Brannock_and_Associates.pdf 138.3 KB 
Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) Australian_Communications_Consumer_Action_Network_ACCAN.pdf 906.2 KB 
Beaufort, Dallas Beaufort_Dallas.pdf 30.8 KB 
Robertson, Sean Robertson_Sean.pdf 93.4 KB 
Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd Kellogg_Brown_-and-_Root_Pty_Ltd.PDF 1.6 MB 
Body Corporate Committee of Jabiru Place Body_Corporate_Committee_of_Jabiru_Place.pdf 3.3 MB 
Under 1 Roof Under_1_Roof.PDF 685.0 KB 
Tongiatama, Paul Tongiatama_Paul.PDF 68.5 KB 
Thompson, R Thompson_R.PDF 35.2 KB 
Swift, Richard Swift_Richard.PDF 117.7 KB 
Strutt, Audrey Strutt_Audrey.PDF 262.7 KB 

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